International Trade Negotiation Skills

The training in summary:


Negotiators in bilateral, regional and multilateral trade and investment negotiations face a complex environment of internal and external stakeholders, and highly technical substance and process questions. In addition, they work in a rapidly changing global environment. Often, negotiators well at home in the technical aspects of their files have little to no training in negotiation itself. Similarly, more senior practitioners of international relations hold experience "at the table" but are new to the world of international trade and investment and its particular ways and means in Geneva, Brussels, Vienna, Paris or other places where the institutions hosting global trade and investment diplomacy are based.

Our training products on trade and investment diplomacy distinguish themselves by combining technical area expertise on the proces and substance of talks with the key "at the table" and preparatory skills required for effective 21st century economic diplomacy. To maximise learning, we deploy both senior former practitioners and professional negotiation instructors in the same training.

The duration and content of our International Trade Negotiation Skills training is tailor-made to the client's needs. 

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