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The Abraham Path Negotiation Simulation

The inspiration for our multiparty non-profit negotiation simulation


The Abraham Path project, born at the Harvard Programme on Negotiation in 2007, has been an inspiring non-profit case study in protracted and complex step-by-step negotiations. In our 6-9 party negotiation simulation participants experience the challenge of managing interests, relationships and process as one of the stakeholders in a sensitive cross-border negotiation. The simulation has been designed by Negotiation & Public Service with the support of the Harvard Program on Negotiation.

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About the Abraham Path 



The Abraham Path is a cultural route connecting the storied places associated with Abraham/Ibrahim’s ancient journey. The Abraham Path Initiative is an international nonprofit that invests with local partners to achieve shared goals for a fruitful future. Watch Getting to Yes co-author William Ury explain the path in this video or read more about the project here

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