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Negotiation & Public Service exclusively consults for the public and non-profit sector and trains public service professionals, civil society leaders and students of public policy and international relations. In the past few decades numerous boutique negotiation consulting firms have sprung up around the world, most of them solely focussed on assisting businesses to negotiate better deals.


Our approach is different. Our training and consultancy services are designed to meet the specific negotiation challenges faced in a public sector and non-profit environment. Our experts brings together professional field experience with proven methods in negotiation training, coaching, research & analysis, evaluation and organisational learning. NPS experts have spent most of their professional lives working for the creation, negotiation and improvement of global public goods. They are extremely passionate about growing the negotiation capabilities of individuals and organisations for the greater good. 

public policy professionals 

non-profit leaders 



case studies & simulations

monitoring & evaluation

capacity building & peer reviews

public speaking

accomplished practitioners 

enhanced awareness

reflection of practices 

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