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It is a privilege to serve public sector and non-profit professionals who work on agreements for the greater good. A few examples of work carried out by NPS experts:

Deconstructing Diplomacy 

A government ministry involved in a successful high-stakes international negotiation looked for ways to draw internal lessons from the process.

We engaged the key players involved in the negotiation process through in-depth interviews and process research, writing up two case studies for internal learning and developing new negotiation training modules based on the case.

Prepping for Brexit

A government ministry seeks training on trade policy and the process of trade negotiations in the aftermath of brexit.

An NPS expert runs the training sessions.

Simulating an EU summit

An international nonprofit training institution looked for a new way to interactively engage a mixture of diplomats, civil servants and academics on the subject of migration.

We prepared, ran and debriefed a simulation of the 2015 European Council negotiations on a political and policy response to the EU migration crisis.

Building global connections

A public agency bringing together young diplomats from all over the world needed an experienced trainer to design and train various groups in negotiation and mediation. A UN agency was looking for an experienced negotiator to run new negotiation trainings in the Middle East.

NPS experts designed and ran the training sessions.

Virtual Negotiation.png

Virtual Negotiations

Following Covid-19, an international organisation looked for a way to interactively train staff on negotiating virtually.

We designed and ran an online masterclass and multiple workshops on the science and art of negotiation through digital channels.

Inspiring new cooperation

New government regulations oblige a wide variety of local government authorities, health care providers and security sector actors to work together in new ways. 

Through a public speaking "kick-off" on international negotiation and cooperation an NPS expert inspires a fresh perspective on multiparty cooperation.

Negotiating Your Funding

A rapidly growing nonprofit start-up looked for outside help in crafting a multi-annual fundraising strategy.


We engaged the senior staff in a strategic exercise on sustainable fundraising models, exploring focus, the start-up's unique selling points, donor mapping and strengths and weaknesses of its structure. We provide negotiation training in addition.

Circle of people interconnected by red curves lines. cooperation, teamwork, training. Staf

Asian-European Diplomacy

An organisation developing a strong joint training programme for Asian and European diplomats asked us to design and execute a tailor-made online course on diplomatic negotiation.


We deployed our NPS learning management system, 2 senior trainers and a guest speaker to facilitate virtual training sessions, including negotiation simulations on trade and human rights issues.  

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