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Online negotiation training is not a Plan B for participants who cannot meet face-to-face. Because virtual negotiation is a distinct feature of present day diplomacy and public sector cooperation, online training deepens insights and sharpens skills for negotiating through Zoom, Webex, Teams, Whatsapp, e-mail, phone and so forth. NPS has ample experience in designing and executing inspiring and impactful online training programmes. 

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Many NPS experts were teaching online many years before the corona crisis boosted virtual diplomacy and public service cooperation.

The following are the central aspects of our approach to online training:

  • Provide dedicated attention to the virtual aspects of negotiation: while the underlying principles are similar, negotiation through Zoom or Whatsapp is very different from having an "at-the-table" session. Practitioners who are more aware of the differences can prepare better and ultimately be more successful at the virtual table. 

  • Optimise synchronous and asynchronous learning: a significant part of the learning journey can be undertaken in one's own time (asynchronous). We use the live sessions to interactively connect participants and their experiences and put theory to practice. Do not expect trainers providing lectures in a live session: you can comfortable watch it beforehand or afterwards at a time of your choosing. 

  • Ease of use: our online learning management system (LMS) ensures participants can easily navigate the content of a training, submit assignments, ask questions and obtain feedback in one place. 

  • All learning is social learning: contrary to common belief online learning can facilitate very meaningful and insightful exchange between participants. Our LMS challenges participants to share their insights and experiences with one another.   

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