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Caux Palace:

one of the most inspiring

training venues in Switzerland

initiatives of change switzerland.png

Overlooking Lake Geneva, above the city of Montreux in Switzerland, the Caux Palace together with the adjacent Villa Maria offer an inspiring and extraordinary setting for our negotiation training. The venue provides for the physical and mental space to gain perspective, retreat from the bustling routine and find a safe space that allows for creative sharing and exchanging. If there was ever a physical space that embodies the advice of William Ury (co-author of Getting to Yes) that negotiators "go to the balcony", the Caux Palace would be it. Read more about the inspiring history of the Caux Palace here.

Our training partner Initiatives of Change is the custodian of the Caux Palace. Initiatives of Change is a nonprofit dedicated to a just, peaceful and sustainable world in which people act from a sense of global interdependence and responsibility.  They hold extensive experience in design, facilitation and hosting to create an atmosphere conducive to self-reflection, values-based thinking and the creation of a safe space for dialogue. Read more about Initiatives of Change here.

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