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Negotiation & Public Service Experts

Stefan Szepesi

Trainer/educator: international negotiation, case analysis, role-plays and simulation

Practitioner/expert: European Union, international trade, humanitarian access, conflict management, nonprofit negotiation

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Dr. Suzanne Ghais

Trainer/educator: international negotiation, conflict assessment and prevention, mediation and arbitration


Practitioner/expert:  environment & public policy mediation, public sector facilitation, peace process consultation

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Dr. Joshua N. Weiss

Trainer/educator: leadership and negotiation, conflict management, mediation


Practitioner/expert: negotiation research, consulting, training/course design

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Denize Kite Guner

Trainer/educator: negotiation, mediation, decision-making and crisis management training

 Practitioner/expert: mediation certification, commercial dispute resolution, contract negotiations

Professor Raymond Saner

Trainer/educator: multi-stakeholder negotiation, international relations, business diplomacy, trade and development 

Abigail Robinson

Practitioner/expert: security sector governance, treaty negotiations, conflict prevention and peacebuilding, project design and facilitation


Expert TBA

Trainer/educator: Mediterranean and Middle Eastern studies

Practitioner/expert: human rights, military and security affairs, humanitarian access, European Union, Geneva negotiations

Portretten 01_edited.jpg

Trainer/educator: negotiation in philanthropy, fundraising strategy, project pitching

Practitioner/expert: lead fundraiser, NGO interim management


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