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Negotiation & Public Service 

Negotiation & Public Service 

Expert Drive 2019 

NPS is a new mission-driven enterprise dedicated exclusively to advancing negotiation capabilities in (international) public affairs. It uses a network consulting approach, bringing government and nonprofit clients the best of expertise and experience, combining state-of-the art negotiation training, research and modelling with insights from senior field practitioners.

NPS will publicly launch as of "Brexit date", 29 March 2019. In the run up to launch date and in the weeks following, NPS  founding partners, lead by Stefan Szepesi, are having conversations with fellow experts and practitioners equally passionate about negotiation capacity for the greater good and interested in associate partner positions.


The brief survey indicated by the link below allows us a summary introduction to our peers. Participation in the survey does not oblige anyone to any affiliation with NPS, or vice versa. While unfortunately we cannot contact everyone at this stage, we may contact respondents with profiles most complementary to our current network for a follow-up conversation.  

Please access the survey here.

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